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Web Development Technology

When Airtight plans a website or web application, we carefully consider the technology stack we will use. The choices we make will impact our clients’ operations for years to come. 

Choosing The Right Tech for Our Clients

Some of the factors we consider when planning a site are:

  • What are the client’s business goals? What are the technical requirements, budgetary concerns, and risk tolerance?
  • How might the site evolve? Will the solution we choose be scalable and extensible?
  • What is the simplest tool to get the job done? How can we eliminate possible points of failure?
  • Choose mainstream tech when possible. Can we avoid obscure software that would be difficult for the client to maintain?

How We Use Technology

Among Airtight’s list of core values, three address the topic of technology. They are:

  • Thoughtful solutions – We will seek the solution that is in the best interest of our client, even if this does not result in greater profit for Airtight.
  • Technology as a means to an end – While we strive to understand the latest trends in web development, technology is first and foremost a tool for serving our clients. We will never sacrifice stability and security just so we can play with shiny new toys.
  • Open Source – We will use open source software when possible, and we will contribute back to the open source community when possible.

Web Design Technologies

These are some of the web design and development tools and techniques we like to use:

Adobe Creative Cloud
Adobe Creative Cloud

The industry standard software suite for designing websites and web applications. This is our primary tool for creating interactive mockups.


Well-written HTML and CSS are vital for a good user experience. JavaScript makes it come alive. These are the fundamentals of any good website tech stack. We insist on writing clean, efficient HTML, CSS and JavaScript because it will benefit the client for as long as the site exists.


No other server-side language is as popular as PHP. With vast open source resources and a huge community, it’s a logical choice for most sites.


There’s a reason that more than 40% of all websites use WordPress. It’s an easy way to have a ton of functionality and an intuitive CMS. What started as a basic blog platform has become an extremely flexible and powerful platform for building complex websites and web applications.


Airtight uses ReactJS to build website interfaces with dynamic content. React JS is a JavaScript library originally developed by Facebook and used to build interactive elements on websites. It is open source software, meaning that we can use it without licensing fees for our client.


Laravel is a newer, but well-established PHP framework with all the building blocks to develop a complex web application quickly and affordably.


Airtight uses Vue.js (also known as Vue) to build website interfaces with dynamic content. Vue is a powerful, flexible tool that can be used to rapidly build a single-page application or a complex web application. Vue is open source software, meaning that we can use it without licensing fees for our client.

Amazon Web Services
Amazon Web Services

When it comes to hosting websites, the undisputed industry leader is Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Why Hire Airtight Design?

Type “Atlanta web design” into a search engine like Google and you’ll get 842,000 results. Feeling overwhelmed with the choices? Let us give you seven reasons more to choose Airtight Design.

The Process

Here is what to expect if you hire Airtight Design to build or redesign your website.