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Search Engine Optimization

Want to add a little SEO magic to your current site? Not so fast there, Bub! Read about why our holistic approach to SEO will save you time, money and frustration.

Common Sense SEO Methods

Many Atlanta companies are asking the question:

Why have an amazing website if no one ever sees it?

The whole point of a website is to communicate with the public. How can you do that, if the public can’t find your site? The consultants at Atlanta-based Airtight Design are search engine optimization experts. We can help your site achieve top rankings on Google and Bing. As much as 90% of your site’s traffic may be coming from search engines. Let us help boost that number by implementing our thorough, common sense methodology.

Modern Search Techniques

Search engine optimization used to be a simple process. Just add a few meta keywords to your site and it was good to go! Over time, website owners – and their developers – abused the system and search engines had to adjust their algorithms to find more relevant search engine results. Meta keywords are no longer useful. In fact, Google has ignored them for more than 15 years! Today, search engines reward websites that have relevant content, have good usability and are highly visible on the internet.

That is why Airtight doesn’t try to trick search engines. Instead we focus on making your website as relevant as possible and improving a site’s usability and visibility so it naturally (and organically) rises to the top of the search engine results over time.

Our SEO Process

Here is an outline of the search engine optimization process for the websites we develop

  • Set business goals.
  • Research what keywords your potential customers are using.
  • Perform a competitive analysis to refine keywords and discover potential competitive advantages.
  • Establish a prioritized list of target keywords.
  • Create a content outline that supports your SEO strategy.
  • Coach your copy writer on the proper way to write the content.
  • Develop an architecture that will be easily crawled by search engine robots.
  • Write clean, structured code.
  • Perform a thorough review of the site and make adjustments.
  • Submit your site to all major search engines.
  • Request reciprocal links with strategic partners.
  • Run monthly reports to monitor progress with search engines, monitor traffic logs, and adjust your site as needed.

Beware The SEO Snake-Oil Salesman

The SEO industry is full of salesmen who will make unrealistic promises while using unsavory business practices. You won’t get any of that from Airtight.

While no one can guarantee your site will receive number-one placement on all search engines all the time, we use proven methods and strategies that have helped our clients stay at or near the top of the search engine rankings in categories relevant to their businesses.

Airtight Design will use every ethical means to attract potential customers to your site, but we cannot guarantee top placement for all your target keywords on all search engines all the time.

A holistic approach to SEO

Airtight prefers to perform search engine optimization on sites that we are currently developing. The alternative, applying SEO techniques to a site that has already been developed by another company, is more time-consuming and less effective.

When we develop a site, one of the very first steps is setting business objectives and target keywords. Then, everyone on our staff — project manager, graphic designers, HTML specialists and web developers — focus their efforts on achieving those goals.

Web Design Technologies

These are some of the web design and development tools and techniques we like to use:

Adobe Creative Cloud
Adobe Creative Cloud

The industry standard software suite for designing websites and web applications. This is our primary tool for creating interactive mockups.


Well-written HTML and CSS are vital for a good user experience. JavaScript makes it come alive. These are the fundamentals of any good website tech stack. We insist on writing clean, efficient HTML, CSS and JavaScript because it will benefit the client for as long as the site exists.


No other server-side language is as popular as PHP. With vast open source resources and a huge community, it’s a logical choice for most sites.


There’s a reason that more than 40% of all websites use WordPress. It’s an easy way to have a ton of functionality and an intuitive CMS. What started as a basic blog platform has become an extremely flexible and powerful platform for building complex websites and web applications.


Airtight uses ReactJS to build website interfaces with dynamic content. React JS is a JavaScript library originally developed by Facebook and used to build interactive elements on websites. It is open source software, meaning that we can use it without licensing fees for our client.


Laravel is a newer, but well-established PHP framework with all the building blocks to develop a complex web application quickly and affordably.


Airtight uses Vue.js (also known as Vue) to build website interfaces with dynamic content. Vue is a powerful, flexible tool that can be used to rapidly build a single-page application or a complex web application. Vue is open source software, meaning that we can use it without licensing fees for our client.

Amazon Web Services
Amazon Web Services

When it comes to hosting websites, the undisputed industry leader is Amazon Web Services (AWS).