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What is DevOps? DevOps is the practice that combines software development and IT operations to benefit our clients’ businesses. Airtight uses DevOps methods to deliver web sites and web applications as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Benefits to your business

That sounds great, but how does that help me as a business owner? Airtight helps its clients: 

  • Save your business time and money 
  • Lower costs by optimizing resource usage
  • Release new features and functions for your site more quickly
  • Deploy fixes and security patches more rapidly
  • Lower resistance getting features to production 
  • Integrate monitoring into your application for peace-of-mind

Understanding the tradeoffs between options and how those align with your business requirements is an important step of building a new application. The Airtight DevOps team strives to understand our clients’ business goals so we can find the right technology solutions for your company.

How much server do you really need?

Don’t wait until deployment to find out you need a bigger boat. Adding capacity, redundancy, or scalability to an existing application can be costly. Our experienced engineers can design with scaling in mind so as your needs grow, your infrastructure keeps up. The ability to scale ensures your site stays up when traffic spikes, all while optimizing costs. 

How Airtight uses DevOps to help clients

Would an hour of downtime at the wrong time be disastrous for your business? Don’t let a single server outage take down your site. Let us show you how the big boys design and build for resiliency. Our experienced engineers can set up and help you understand what a load-balanced autoscaling group is and how it automatically detects and replaces unhealthy servers within minutes. Lower costs by optimizing resource usage

Imagine a news story causing a huge demand for your business, but when throngs of potential customers come to your site, your server just cannot handle the demand. Get the scalability you need with our experienced team of DevOps engineers. A properly configured load balanced auto scaling group isn’t just for fault tolerance, the architecture also provides for cost optimized scalability. If incoming traffic starts to exceed server capacity, auto scaling steps in and adds servers to match the increased load.

As with any good business, we understand how important your clients are to you. This is the reason we use staging environments into our deployment flow. Staging environments test your website or web application on a near-production level in a non-production environment. We use staging environments to conduct tests that prevent errors, bugs, and glitches in production. Staging environments give peace-of-mind and security to businesses, by preventing costly mistakes, and ensuring consistent and quality end-user experiences.

Not every application has the same revenue model, and some applications will need to operate in a way that doesn’t cut deep into your budget. The DevOps team at Airtight Design uses advanced monitoring tools on all aspects of your application running in production. Using the data we have collected that is also available to you, we can provision your servers accordingly and save on monthly expenses. 

In a world where taking credit card information over the internet is commonplace, so are the security certificates that allow you to protect your customer’s data. On a shared hosting plan, you could pay up to $149.99 a year on average. We will use a non-profit organization known as Lets Encrypt to renew the certificates. Using Lets Encrypt will allow us to not only provide you with a complimentary certificate but will allow us to save you excess deployment costs.

Rest easy knowing your data is safe with automated backups. Let Airtight’s experienced DevOps engineers help you implement a backup policy that meets your needs. Whether a user accidentally deleted something or there was a data corrupting bug, restoring your database can be quick and easy when you prepare beforehand.

Our experienced DevOps engineers are here to help you implement the right solution to meet your business or regulatory needs. Be it an audit trail to know who did what, or access controls to limit what a user can do, we have you covered. Get the confidence of knowing your application is secure with logs to back it up.

Our DevOps team has many years of experience implementing single sign-on systems. We’ve developed numerous applications that integrate identity providers such as Okta and ActiveDirectory. We’d love to put the power of these well-established solutions to work for your organization.

We understand that data is one of the most important aspects of business. Your site visitors need a web application or website they can trust – one that protects your intellectual property, as well as user information. The DevOps team at Airtight Design constantly stays up-to-date with current cybersecurity reports issued by the Department of Homeland Security and other organizations. Whenever a new vulnerability is discovered it is promptly remediated by our team.

Our developers have experience patching a multitude of exploits, as well as mitigating DDoS attacks. At a time when security is more critical than ever, we have implemented methods of monitoring your site around the clock for any vulnerabilities, and running detailed diagnostic security reports on your applications.

Web Design Technologies

These are some of the web design and development tools and techniques we like to use:

Adobe Creative Cloud
Adobe Creative Cloud

The industry standard software suite for designing websites and web applications. This is our primary tool for creating interactive mockups.


Well-written HTML and CSS are vital for a good user experience. JavaScript makes it come alive. These are the fundamentals of any good website tech stack. We insist on writing clean, efficient HTML, CSS and JavaScript because it will benefit the client for as long as the site exists.


No other server-side language is as popular as PHP. With vast open source resources and a huge community, it’s a logical choice for most sites.


There’s a reason that more than 40% of all websites use WordPress. It’s an easy way to have a ton of functionality and an intuitive CMS. What started as a basic blog platform has become an extremely flexible and powerful platform for building complex websites and web applications.


Airtight uses ReactJS to build website interfaces with dynamic content. React JS is a JavaScript library originally developed by Facebook and used to build interactive elements on websites. It is open source software, meaning that we can use it without licensing fees for our client.

Airtight Design Web Development Using Laravel

Laravel is a newer, but well-established PHP framework with all the building blocks to develop a complex web application quickly and affordably.


Airtight uses Vue.js (also known as Vue) to build website interfaces with dynamic content. Vue is a powerful, flexible tool that can be used to rapidly build a single-page application or a complex web application. Vue is open source software, meaning that we can use it without licensing fees for our client.

Amazon Web Services
Amazon Web Services

When it comes to hosting websites, the undisputed industry leader is Amazon Web Services (AWS).