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Does your advertising agency have a client that needs a web site, but you don't have the expertise to pull it off? Partner with AirTight Design and let's work together to knock their freakin’ socks off!

Partner with AirTight Design

Need some heavy lifting on a web development project? AirTight Design is the perfect partner.
  • We'll work with your graphic designers
  • Tight deadlines? No problem!
  • We can write the project requirements
  • The site goes in your work portfolio, not ours!

A Reliable Partner

Some of the largest advertising agencies in Atlanta and the Southeast turn to AirTight Design when they need a reliable partner who produces world class work at a fair price.

We currently work with numerous advertising agencies, public relations firms and even other web development companies. Many of our partners don’t have the on-staff resources to develop a large or complex web site or application, but they have a strong relationship with thier client and with a creative vision for a site that will improve that client’s business. Our team makes that vision a reality.

Quality Service For Ad Agencies

At AirTight Design, we understand that if we provide prompt, professional service and are honest with the advertising agencies that hire us, they’ll keep coming back to us for future projects. Because we don’t have a sales department (that’s right, we’re just a dozen or so geeks crammed in a studio), we usually obtain our biggest and best projects through our relationships with ad agencies.

Because we understand how important it is to build a long-term relationship with ad agencies, we always meet deadlines, deliver a product that exceeds your expectations and adhere to your budget.

A Perfect Additionto Your Ad Agency

Perhaps your advertising agency has graphic designers, but no web developers. Our team – including graphic designers, Flash developers, HTML specialists and PHP developers -- would love to take your collateral materials and/or brand standards and interpret them for the web. We don’t have copywriters and we don’t do brand development, but you probably have that covered!

We’ll coach you and the client through every step of the process. That means we can write a requirements document for you, establish the technology platform for the project, implement a pay-per-click campaign to support the site, and bring all the moving parts together to make the project successful. And we’ll educate you throughout the process so you look so sharp to your clients!

No Project Too Large

Large projects don’t scare us. They excite us! AirTight Design has developed web sites and microsites for some of the world’s largest companies (including three members of the Fortune 100). We developed a web application that serves as the primary booking tool for 1,200 travel agents at the American Automobile Association (AAA). However, if your agency needs help with a project that is not a good fit for AirTight Design we will let you know early in the process and work with you to find a qualified consultant who can help.

A Flexible System

We’ll structure the arrangement to work for you. We can be behind the scenes while you handle client relations, or we can work directly with your client. We’re happy to bill the client directly, or we can send invoices to you. We’ll work out a payment schedule that gives you plenty of time to collect before sending us a final payment.

Ready to Talk?

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