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Understanding web design and development

It has become a commonplace in everyday conversation to interchange the term “web design” with “web development,” but while the two sound similar, they actually describe completely different aspects of building a website.  When it’s time to redesign or create your website, make sure you understand the difference between a web developer and web designer before you begin searching for a company or freelancer to hire.

A web developer is the creator of the back end of your website, which is the behind the scenes aspects that your site visitors use but generally do not see. Developers use scripting languages like PHP and ASP that enable them to create and format your website according to what you want or need. Basically, developers are in charge of making your website as user-friendly as possible while implementing functional features that will set you apart from your competition. If you want to create a highly specialized site, an experienced web developer is necessary to ensure that your site loads efficiently and works properly.

The look and feel of your website is usually created by your web designer. While they usually know a good deal about  HTML or CSS, web designers generally do not specialize in coding languages because their focus is on creating and placing the graphic elements of your site. Your designer will help you determine what you want the final product of your site to look like by choosing colors, images, fonts, and other visual aspects. Even if you think you know exactly what you want your site to look like, it is important to consult a web designer because they will know how to effectively balance colors and white space so that your site is as visually stimulating as possible.

As you begin to search for a team to build and design your website, think about what your site will be used for. Generally, you will give equal attention to both design and development, but if you find that aesthetics are less important than functionality, focus the majority of your budget on development. Likewise, if you just need a website that site visitors will be viewing and generally not interacting with, putting most of your funds toward a highly experienced web developer will be more beneficial for your needs.

Creating a website is a balancing act that has the best outcome when your web developer and designer work together. If you want a highly functional and customizable site, you will need a web developer with a lot of experience so your site is as user-friendly as possible. But even the most user-friendly won’t appeal to your target audience without a web designer to create the look and feel of your website. Hiring a company that employs both developers and designers will optimize communication and help streamline your site’s build process.

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