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Does Your Business Need Custom Software?

There is no generic template for starting and running a successful business.

In the same sense – there is not always an off-the-shelf software solution that can run your business as efficiently as custom software. Many businesses will go to great lengths to implement third party software solutions to solve challenges they are facing. Has your business ever spent months or years looking for the right off-the-shelf solution? The cost of these efforts goes beyond time and money spent – your business is also missing out on opportunity.

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

We’ve seen this scenario play out numerous times: a business needs to implement software into their pipeline; they evaluate all the major SaaS providers over a period of months or years; consensus is eventually reached and an off-the-shelf solution that mostly solves all use cases is purchased and implemented (sometimes painfully); the results are mediocre and the annual licensing cost for the SaaS solution never goes down – it only goes up. Once the SaaS solution is fully deployed and in-use – the gaps start to become apparent and the answer to solve them will most likely include paying your SaaS vendor more in licensing fees or for increases in arbitrary limits they impose.

Custom software may be more cost effective than SaaS

Your annual spend on SaaS will
never go down – it only goes up.

Don’t get us wrong – we love our SaaS where it makes sense. There are some amazing tools out there that will slot cleanly into your business processes and provide that immediate value. But if you feel like you are swimming upstream when evaluating SaaS solutions or having to make big compromises with what differentiates your business – it is time to consider building custom software. That’s where we come in! The first step is to contact us and begin a conversation.

Airtight Design has built custom software for dozens of businesses across all industries. We leverage open source frameworks like Laravel to increase our velocity and get to market faster for our clients. Some of the advantages of having Airtight Design build custom software for your business are:

Specific Requirements and Functionality
Airtight Design will design and build the software exactly to the requirements and processes your business demands. We will build only the essential functionality in order to provide the most value for the cost.

We always build software with scalability in mind. As your business grows, your custom software can scale to meet the demand.

Source of Truth
Custom software can help your business create a single source-of-truth for the data that drives your business. This could be data about your products, marketing content, resource management, etc. We can integrate your custom software with the other tools and infrastructure that already exist within your business.

Your business has complete ownership of the software, allowing you to modify it freely and not carry the burden of licensing fees, pay-per-seat, or premium subscriptions you find with most SaaS providers.

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