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Cox Media

Founded in 2008 by its 124 year old parent company Cox Enterprises, Cox Media Group owns radio and television stations nationwide. As a major national player in multi-media advertising, Cox Media offers a plethora of advertising solutions to its clients, and partnered with Airtight to build a tool to enable its account reps to quickly find and recommend the best solutions to them.

The Challenge

Prior to the development of the new Solutions Selector Tool, Cox Media had an existing tool in place, but was built on outdated proprietary technology, wasn’t mobile responsive, and no longer served their needs. The goals for the new Solutions Selector Tool were to enhance the user experience with a clean, intuitive, and responsive interface, which quickly and accurately recommends the appropriate advertising solutions based on the client’s needs.

The Solution

Airtight designed and built the Solution Selector Tool with open-source framework Laravel and Vue.js for a buttery smooth experience. The tool gives users two options for finding advertising solutions: Prepackaged Solutions and custom Building Optimized Solutions (BOS). For BOS, because of the many different permutations of Cox Media’s client needs, it contains complex logic for each section of the questionnaire, which are all interconnected and intelligently recommend solutions. Business logic and options can be easily updated by importing an updated spreadsheet. Once users reach the results page, they’re able to download a PDF and/or print the results.

Technology Used on this Project

  • HTML / CSS / JavaScript
  • PHP
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Laravel 
  • Vue.js
  • Webpack
  • Apache / MySQL

Our Favorite Part

The mobile responsive interface was beautifully designed to create an elegant, fast, and easy to navigate user experience. As the user makes their way through the workflow of the questionnaire, the tool intuitively updates the options, based on the user’s selections. The results are then presented in an easy to read and understand format.